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Selected Publications

"How I Learned the Art of Seduction" in New York Times

"The Animal Within the Animal" in Astra Magazine

"The Kindest Cut" in New York Times Magazine

"The Return: The Art of Confession" in Sewanee Review

"Jeannette Winterson, My Therapist, and Me" in New York Review of Books

Memoirs Shortlist in New York Times Book Review

"A Big Long Time" in Elle Magazine

"Getting to No" in New York Times Magazine

"What if the Pain Never Ends? New York Times

Excerpt of Girlhood in the New York Times

"The Wild, Sublime Body" in Yale Review

"One Word: Loose" in Paris Review online

"The Cure" in The Cut

"How a Year of Celibacy Prepared Me for Life in Quarantine" in Vogue

"The Mirror Test" in Paris Review

"Les Calanques" in The Sun

"Mind Fuck: Writing Better Sex" in Sewanee Review

"Art by Women About Women Making Art About Women" in The Believer

"Thesmophoria" in Sewanee Review

"Intrusions" in Tin House

"Hail Mary" in Buzzfeed

Review of Mostly Dead Things & A Philosophy of Ruin in the New York Times Book Review

"Rebel Girl" in Longreads

"Song of Songs" in The Believer

"Playing Cupid" in New York Times Travel

Essays Shortlist in New York Times Book Review

"Do You Want to Be Known for Your Writing or Your Swift Email Responses?" in Catapult

Excerpt of Abandon Me in Tin House online

"Reconciliation" in Lenny Letter

"Wunderkammer" in Vogue

"The Heart-Work: Writing About Trauma As A Subversive Act" in Poets & Writers 

"Teaching After Trump" in Granta

"Kettle Holes" in Granta

"Feel Like Jumping: Best of the Women of Studio One" in Tin House online

“Scarification” in Guernica

“The Book of Hours” in Story Quarterly

“Call My Name” in Prairie Schooner

“All of Me” in The Kenyon Review

Melissa in the New York Times Opinionator

Melissa in Salon

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Photo by Chris Luttrell
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